Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow will miss rest of 2023 season with ligament tear

The Cincinnati Bengals revealed that star quarterback Joe Passage has encountered a torn ligament in his right wrist and will miss the remainder of the 2023 season.

Lead mentor Zac Taylor uncovered the news on Friday night, saying that Passage will certainly require an operation and requesting the gathering’s fortunes stay in one piece without their Master Bowl quarterback, who drove them to the Super Bowl quite a while ago. This season isn’t close by anyone’s standards to get done, Taylor said of the 5-5 Bengals.

Burrow was hurt during the Bengals’ 34-20 mishap to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday. Cincinnati will undoubtedly go to support quarterback Jake Burning, who was 8-of-14 passing for 68 yards and a score against the Ravens in his first colossal NFL action.

It’s extreme Passage said on Friday night. You truly lock in for seasons and minutes like these. Whenever you get harmed and it closes early, it’s challenging to manage. That is a piece of the game. He added that he felt a pop as he threw on the play in which he was hurt.

Earlier Friday, the Connected Press uncovered the NFL is investigating the gathering’s treatment of Passage’s actual issue status standing out up to that game. The Bengals had posted and later deleted a video using online diversion that showed Passage getting off a gathering transport with his right hand in what emitted an impression of being a fragile cast. Such studies are typical with the NFL regularly researching similar cases. Gatherings can be fined or lose a draft pick for dismissing the NFL’s actual issue report technique.

It’s typical for people to wear a strain sleeve on a plane since when you go up to that rise, things can expand, Passage said Friday. In football, you have a lot of thumps and wounds. This is a new actual issue.

Burrow was 11 of 17 for 101 yards and a score pass when he left. Singing replaced him with the Bengals following 14-10.

The past Heisman Prize victor and No 1 everyday pick in the 2020 NFL draft encountered a calf injury as of late, yet he hasn’t missed a game this year. His youth season moreover completed exactly on schedule due to a knee injury.

It obliterates you to watch somebody need to go through this, you know, a couple of times now, Taylor said.

The Bengals’ AFC North foes, the Cleveland Tans, lost their starting quarterback this week when it was accounted that Deshaun Watson needs a season-completing shoulder operation.

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